Paulin Etoga

Business Developer with expertise in the hydropower and sustainability sectors

CEO of Nyong Power Plants Corporation (since 2014), TPL exclusive hydropower partner in Cameroon

Senior Engineer of Hydro Operations International (since 2006)

Engineer with over 30-year experience in hydropower

Chief Executive Officer at NPPC, Douala (since 2015)

Director of Generation at Eneo, Douala (2010 – 2014)

Various positions (Plant Manager, Chief of section, etc.) at Eneo, (1990 – 2010)

Former civil servant with over 12-year experience in the renewable energy sector in Burundi

Chief Operating Officer at Tembo Power Burundi (since 2016)

Founder and CEO at SOPED “Société de Production de l’Energie pour le Développement Durable”, Bujumbura (since 2011)

Representative for the DRC mining syndicate with over 18-year experience in the mining and trading industry in the Copperbelt region

Chief Operating Officer at Tembo Power DRC (since 2016)

Vice-President of Chamber of Mines in DRC, Goma (since 2011)

Founder and CEO at Metachem, Goma (since 2003)

Renewable energy engineer with proven track record in development as well carbon origination, development and trading in Sub-Saharan Africa

Hydropower development with Tembo in Kenya since 2013

UNFCCC certifier for cookstoves in SSA

Vice-President at Carbon Manna (2010- 2012)

Origination and Development of carbon offsets at JP Morgan Climate Care, Washington/ London (2007-2010)