Tembo’s approach to developing, constructing and managing projects is mainly based on the principles set out in the Equator Principles, IFC Performance Standards, and the World Bank EHS Guidelines.

Managing environmental, social, and corporate governance factors is key in building long-term sustainable projects, while generating attractive returns on investment.

From inception, Tembo carefully selects its power projects by ensuring displacement of people is minimal if not nil, no permanent reservoirs are created, and local communities can widely benefit from the projects, while respecting their cultures and habits. All these are a must when seeking project finance funding from international lenders, but also perfectly suit Tembo’s stringent working ethos.

Principles to be emphasized in the construction and operation of power projects as well as in the implementation of carbon projects are the protection of biodiversity, the careful monitoring of working conditions and rights of workers, the protection of vulnerable groups, ensuring gender equality and prohibiting discrimination of any sort, and protecting livelihoods, health and safety of community as well as disclosure and consultation with stakeholders.

Tembo constantly strives to act as a responsible sponsor for projects, promoting appropriate environmental, social and ethical standards and economic development, and is proud to contribute to most of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.